I’m ashamed of my society.

Amanda Todd is one girl out of possibly thousands who have been bullied. I’ve been reading about her ever since I heard about her death & I’m ashamed of peoples reactions towards it. Who are any of you to judge her?People make mistakes all the time. I do. You do. We all do. Its part of human nature. Some mistakes are really unforgivable, I know that, but some are forgivable. Amanda Todd did some things I’m sure she regretted entirely, but don’t we all? Her video owned up to those mistakes & people still want to degrade her even after she’s gone. I know people who have done way worse shit than her and they’re even applauded for it. Girls pose for Playboy magazines & they’re applauded for it. But this girl gets bullied for it. Shes told to kill herself because she slept with another girls boyfriend….how come no one blamed the boyfriend? Last I checked, it takes two to cheat. Its a double standard. Everyone wants to say she brought it on herself, that this is her karma, but if you have that much hate in your heart than perhaps karma is going to come for you next. I’m tired of people saying suicide is cowardly, because whats cowardly is making someone wish they were dead. This girl is just like all of us, we all have feelings, we all have that one thing that could make or break us. We all have skeletons in our closets. You’re all just lucky they havent been found yet, she on the other hand didnt get so lucky. You can sit here and say its her own fault, that she deserved everything she got, but to clarify its no where near all her fault. She messed up, but she never asked to be bullied. She never asked to be told to kill herself. She moved away time after time to start over, and these bullies couldnt just leave her alone because they thrive over this sick shit. How would you like it if everytime you messed up or did something bad that someone told you to kill yourself, or make you the punchline to their jokes, or just straight up beat the shit out of you? Is this peoples way of saying that this was her punishment for her mistakes? Is this peoples way of saying that all who make mistakes like hers should be punished like this? Everyone wants to talk about how she should’ve fought back to these bullies, but no one would stand by her and fight with her now would they? because it is easier to be the same than to be just a bit different, or to stand up for what you believe in. At the end of the day she wanted it to stop, but there are people in this world who are relentless, who get off on making other peoples lives miserable. I promise it isnt that hard to be a nice person, to be the best version of yourself, to just be kind. I pray for all who have ever been treated badly, that one day people realize just how hurtful they can be, and that all those bullied see that they arent the problem. R.I.P to all those who have committed suicide whether by being bullied or because they simply could not go on another day in this broken world. In my eyes you were not cowards, just people who were tough for to long & finally broke because everyone has their breaking point. </3